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Since 1993 Toyvend has established itself as the UK's leading supplier of quality vending machines and related stock including; toys, bouncy balls, bubble gum and bulk confectionery.

1000's of products are despatched every day from our 20,000 sq ft, purpose built, warehouse in Warwickshire.

Are you a business looking to increase your profits?

We can install vending machines in your premises at no cost to yourselves. We install, fill and maintain them and pay you a competitive commission.

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Bubble Pop Bracelets (55mm)
Hot Wheels GP Bikes (50mm)
Frozen 2 Glamour Set (50mm)
Aniseed Balls (3kgs)
Dino Pencil Toppers (35mm)
Chupa Chups Lollipops (1200)
Wild Safari (50mm)
Hi Bounce Balls (45mm)
Glitter Heart Rings (35mm)
Bubble Poppers Series 2 (55mm)
Homies Big Heads (50mm)
Gone Fishing (2.27kgs)
Skittles (6.4kgs)
Milk Chocolate Beans (3kgs)
Glitter Dolphins (Flat Pack Tattoos)